Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ariana Franklin...Mistress of the Art of Death....

One of my next favorite series is by the author, Ariana Franklin.  As you'll see, my tastes differ from mystery, suspense, biography, and historical fiction...this last one being the genre that Franklin is in. 

Her main character in this series is Adelia.  The title of her first book is "Mistress of the Art of Death," which I recommend to start your adventures into her world.  She's a feisty forensics examiner who's ahead of her time.  She's independent, unlike her contemporaries of the middle ages.  She is summoned by King Henry II of England, to solve the  gruesome murders of several children.  Since women were basically second-class citizens back then, she always travels with a companion that masquerades as the 'real doctor,' while she pretends to be his assistant.

Along her travels, she encounters obstacles and individuals that try to cover up their dastardly deeds & stop her from completing her missions.  Her personality lends humor to the stories, as each adventure spells disaster.  The King always promises her that she only has to solve one case, and then he'll let her return to her homeland in Italy...however, he always manages to force her to stay for yet another mystery.  The King also provides humor, as he's a kind King in some ways, but also selfish in wanting her to remain in England.  

Check out the series, in its order, right here.......


  1. It looks very interesting! Thanks for the link!

  2. If you're "into" this, yes it's very entertaining and brings in parts of British history. This is what I absolutely LOVE about historical fiction - it can use actual occurrences while the author has that endless license to pour forth theories & explanations for things that happened ages ago. And the main character, Adelia, is a feisty one!