Thursday, May 17, 2012

Having Faith..... little gray friend actually greeted me at work this morning! lol   He's part of a 'couple,' so I've decided to call them Oscar and Felix.  He was right there when I pulled into my parking spot, and let me talk to him for quite a while.  I knelt down with some corn...again, he put up another little paw, as if contemplating, but decided against it.  I have faith he'll soften and warm up to me.


  1. we used to have squirels when our kids were small. We'd toss bread crumbs to them after meals. My brother didn't believe they would take the bread from my daughter's hand. He visited and while he was eating breakfast, two squirel came to the window. One tapped on the glass, obviously irate that we were late with breakfast. My brother was so amazed. Our family loves critters.

  2. LOL that is funny Caroline! I have heard they can eventually get greedy once they're comfortable with you!