Friday, May 11, 2012


Before anyone snickers, especially you men out there, let me tell you - and I say it unapologetically - I love Oprah.  In fact, you may notice I have a spot on my sidebar that shows a daily Oprah quote.  She does some amazing things...not the least of which is her Life Class.  It has imparted so much wisdom, and I'm sorry this season has now ended (hopefully until next year).

I completed the last episode very early this morning, and she reminded me of something she mentioned a long time ago...keeping a Gratitude Journal.  Every night, she writes five things down that she's grateful for, even if it's the tiniest of things that happened that day.  I started a journal years ago, when she first mentioned it, and I stopped.  Well, I'm starting one again.  While it's fine and dandy to say "I'm grateful for..." she says "there's power in the words."  Therefore, writing it down actually helps you feel better and drink it in.

Even if you had the crappiest day, you can probably think of 5 things you are grateful for...i.e. your spouse, your pet, the fact that you are still alive and breathing, etc.  Also, if it becomes a habit, you will probably START your day being more mindful and noticing things you're grateful for...such as catching a squirrel eating some kibble, getting a compliment from someone, or anything else that makes you smile.

Try may be 'grateful' that you did :)

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