Tuesday, May 8, 2012

She is Gone....

The other day, I posted a blog about Kelly, a friend I met via Facebook one year ago, that came to visit me in person.  She is my soul sister, and now she is gone.  She had to return home today, and the house feels weird without her. Not often can I say that after having a houseguest. 
However, she was more than just a guest.  It was like we instantly formed a little family...we were the three musketeers...Kelly, myself, and my husband...and not in that creepy "Sister Wives' way your mind might be going! lol
I can't wait to see her again soon, and the hubby feels the same way...I swear, it was fate that we met! Everything was so comfortable between us immediately...like we'd known each other forever. 
As much as we feel lucky to have met, we feel equally sad that we live so far apart. That is the cruel part of fate...it can cut both ways.

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