Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just an "Everyday" Post.....

I've decided to impart another bit of 'grammar wisdom' on you...the use of words like:

everyday  vs.  every day

It's a simple trick I was taught many years ago, and  I've never forgotten it... Any time you want to use a word like this, remember that the ONLY time you put a space between the words is if you can mentally insert the word SINGLE, and your sentence will still make sense.  For example...

"I'm sick of working every day."   

I have a space between 'every' and 'day' because if I inserted the word "single" between them, it would STILL make sense...such as "I'm sick of working every single day."

You would generally use 'everyday' without the space when you're referring to a thing, such as 'everyday clothes,'  or  'everyday items.'

Therefore, if you can't insert 'single' between the words, then go with the space...EVERY...DAY.

Hope this helped.....

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