Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fear & Destiny....

Just a quick little 'hello' to everyone with an observation.  My husband and I are catching up on some of our favorite weekly DVR'd shows.  One of the characters opened a fortune cookie, and it read  "Fear is your greatest enemy."  

I think it was a sign, and I'm going to follow it.  This time around, with my writing, I'm determined not to give into it.  I will no longer allow others to hamper my destiny.  Take this as a lesson, my friends.  After nearly 20 years of having this sleeping bear hybernate, she has awoken.  She will not be deterred.  She will succeed.

If you have a dream, follow it!  "Destiny has no timeframe"...I just made that up! 


  1. ... and I love it! You are inspiring others, by YOUR "musings", Dawn!

  2. Now is a great time to be in the publishing world with all the opportunities. You have a choice of traditional pubs, small press, or going the digital route. The most important thing is to have a good product.

  3. I'm really feeling this post Dawn! I agree with the other comment, it is a great time to publish on your own or even the traditional route. Sometimes we have to get out of our own way...