Friday, June 29, 2012

A Beautiful Sign........

I found some inspiration.  At least I think I did.   This afternoon, I spied a butterfly outside my office building, on the ground.  I gently moved it out of the path of cars that park in the lot.  I watched it for a while, wings mostly black with stunning orange arcs on each side.  Brighter than a ripe pumpkin.  Speckles of white also dotted the feathers.

It let me stroke and feel its wings.  The antennae would move, but its body would fall to the side. Each time I placed my finger gently along one wing to help 'right' it, it would lean over again.   My only hope was that it wasn't suffering.  Several minutes later, it was gone, no longer moving. 

I decided to honor it by taking it home as a sign and muse.  It was some cosmic message from the universe that it was meant to be with me.  It was meant for me to walk out that door,  at that very moment, to come upon it.  Mother Nature knew I would hold it most sacred.  Indeed, it's a treasured gift.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Never Wander Far From Your Thesaurus.....

Wise words, indeed!   Most of you know, in addition to writing & editing, I'm also reading a STACK of books to help me improve before I submit anything officially.  The one I'm currently reading just mentioned exactly keep a thesaurus nearby at all times.

As I write and edit, I always have opened on my laptop screen.  It has helped me innumerable times in finding just the right word I want and/or need.  Whether I need to convey something and can't quite think of the word, or I already have a word in the manuscript, but it's too often littered throughout, it's a lifesaver!

So just a tip from 'lil ole me to my fellow writers - I bet you do the same, but if you're just starting out and need another helpful hint (I've been doing this a while, but I ALWAYS love finding new tips), that's my bit of wisdom for the day.  Happy writing!

Big Ben Loses His Name....England Disappointed Me Today

I love all things British. It may be partly my heritage - half English/half Italian, that explains the visceral reaction I felt this afternoon when I read that Big Ben was losing its name.

The Italian side of me was angry, and the English half felt like I'd been punched in the gut. I want to know - did they ask the citizens? Did Parliament just make this decision unilaterally? I'm a fan of tradition, which includes KEEPING THE NAME AS IT IS! I've also been in favor of keeping the monarchy, which has been an ongoing, spirited debate among Brits.

I'm an audiobook addict, and I've had an insatiable interest in British royalty. I've listened to every book out there from William I to Henry VIII to our current Queen Elizabeth. I never grow tired of hearing a British narrator read to me about all of the lives of the Kings and Queens of this beloved country. I've had the absolute pleasure of visiting England and long to return someday.

It wouldn't be the same without Big Ben. I know he'll still be there, standing tall and strong, but without the same connotation. It's a symbol. A symbol of history, and it should be preserved. Europeans are better with preserving history than the US, as we're still a younger country in comparison, but it's part of the allure that brings tourists far and wide. Ben's name has been steeped in this history for generations, so why was it tinkered with?

I remember standing in awe at the enormity of that gorgeously crafted tower clock. I strolled the quaint streets of Stratford-upon-Avon, where the masterful wordsmith Shakespeare was born. I was mesmerized by the stories behind the Roman baths in the town of Bath. My mouth was agape with the pomp and circumstance of the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. I was greeted by the beefeaters that 'guard' the Tower of London as the ravens pierced me with their glares. I stood on the very spot where most of Henry VIII's doomed wives met their gruesome ends.

My husband tells me people will still call it Big Ben, but I'm not so convinced. It breaks my heart. Since it's a done deal, I can only hope my husband is right. I know I will ALWAYS refer to it by its given name.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

HUGE Thumbs Down....

Writers are voracious readers.  If they're not, they should be.  I started a new audiobook today that I couldn't wait to get my hands on.  The description sounded SO good.  Much like a movie that's over-hyped and winds up disappointing you, so does this book.

Most readers can tell whether or not they're going to like a book fairly quickly, and I'm no exception.  I can usually tell within 5 minutes.  This book is awful!  I gave myself until the end of the first full disc (out of 6), and I'm still slogging through it.  Don't ask me why, as half of Amazon's reviews warn readers not to waste their time.

Hey, everyone has their own taste in literature, and I don't begrudge them that.  What worries and maddens me is the fact that it got published when it clearly makes all the mistakes we're told NOT to make...

- Characters nobody can or want to relate to
- SHOW rather than TELL (one of the cardinal rules-this is nothing BUT show)
- Avoid not grabbing the reader as soon as possible

Snippets of some reviews go as follows
-"If this is really what modern experimental fiction is about, you can keep it. I found it boring beyond measure after my patience wore out at around page 75-100, and irritated for the rest of the book because the author just went further and further afield satisfying none of the mystery that was the original setup. The final pages of the book looked like there was going to be a token payoff, a central question answered, but .... No. Nothing."
-"Think about every bad characteristic of overly workshopped MFA manuscripts: "quirky" characters that don't remotely resemble human beings; ambiguity milked to an obscene degree; ridiculously tedious detail; and prose so affected and sterile that you are perpetually in a state of eye-roll. All of these are present and accounted for"

So, I say with a huge sigh, how are those of us who are trying desperately to follow every 'do' and 'don't' have a chance in hell of succeeding when things like THIS drivel grace the bookshelves?  I'm not sure if it's comforting or utterly discouraging. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm an Official Yahoo Network Contributor.... if I wasn't stretched far enough, I've added ANOTHER exciting job related to my writing.  I'm a Yahoo Network Contributor.  Sounds official, doesn't it?  Well, it is in a way.  They provide assignments from the "Assignment Desk," as if you work for a newspaper.  In fact, they have to APPROVE any articles you write!  So far, I've had three published and intend to write another one tonight about Big Ben having its name changed.    (I'm vehemently opposed, and you can read about it once it's published)

Since I'm new to this, two of the three that were published are posts from my blog here.  I wanted to get my feet wet before going further - establish myself a bit.  I'm still navigating my way around the site.  Some articles actually pay you but most of it is more for exposure for us writers :)

Spread the word!   If you'd like, you can also subscribe to receive my articles via email, whenever I write one.  Thank you, as always, for your tireless support! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Can You Help Matt ??

An interesting new thing I'm trying for my blog...this one is written by one of my characters, and he has some questions....

My name is Matt ... I'm a main character in "Visions of Violence," of which some of you have read several pages on this blog.  My symptoms are as follows...

- I have memory loss
- Certain images from my brain don't piece together, as if puzzle pieces are missing
- I had an awful fight with my ex-girlfriend, and she's now been missing for three years
 -I suffer from terrible headaches that can sometimes be debilitating
 -I'm searching for love, although I'm afraid to open my heart again.
 -I tend to stalk strangers in this search for happiness but don't know how to find it

What am I suffering from?  Can you help me?  Suggestions?

My First Official Contest .....

OK I'm entering my first official apropo is this for me?  It's a short story, of sorts, where the contestants HAVE to start the story with these words.... "The cell was eight feet wide."   Don't ask me how or where these ideas in my head come from, but here's what I have so far....and I hope nobody steals it to submit before me! lol

The cell was eight feet wide.  As the heavy steel doors clanked behind me, my stomach rose to my throat with the thought that I’d die within these walls.  I was afraid this might happen.  I’d been so careful, but there was always a chance of getting caught, and I was fully aware of that fact.

Why didn’t I listen to Jud?  He taught me well, but I strayed from the script.  He wouldn’t save me now.  He couldn’t.  He’d wind up in the cell next to me if he did.  I’m on my own and need a good lawyer.  Jud has the money and connections to hook me up, but again, he won’t.  He was my mentor, but now he’ll disavow me.

I slam my fist into the thin mattress I’ll be forced to sleep on for the rest of my life.  Even the pillow is smaller than one they afford you on an airplane.  My eyes fill with tears, but they’re not for regret over what I've done.  They’re for me.  I know it’s selfish and weak, but there it is.  I’m so angry at myself that my next punch hits the wall and renders my knuckles raw.

My only solace is the fact that I don’t have a cellmate.  I’m too pretty to withstand the diabolical brutality that would be visited upon me if I were in gen pop.  Yes, I’ve said it.  I’m pretty.  Prettier than most, in fact.  That’s how I met Jud.

He threw a garden party for all of his neighbors, and I was the new kid on the block.  He later told me he did it just to meet me.  It had all been a ruse, because I’m 22 years younger than him, and he didn’t want the appearance of impropriety.  God forbid he gave the ‘ladies who lunch’ more fodder.  They already mercilessly gossiped about him, foolishly thinking he didn’t know.  It was pure jealousy on their part.  He was an eligible bachelor with more money than Trump, and they wanted to get their perfectly manicured hands on it. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012


*Sigh*   Now I see why it takes some authors at least a year to write a book.  I've been at this thing for close to half a year already.  The re-writes are murder.  This is one ARDUOUS process.  

The task of making every page perfect, and taking my characters off the page and into the readers' minds is a challenge, even for someone who has the talent for writing.  There are so many new skills I've had to learn.  I'm still learning as I go along.  

At times, it is daunting, but the choice to give up is no longer an option.  It's too ingrained in me now to even entertain the notion.  I can only hope I'll still have fans that want to read my book once it's finally disseminated to the public.

It's very true that it's an unforgiving profession.  One that deals crashing blows and rejections but also immense satisfaction and joy if you prevail.  I've chosen to it's BACK to the re-writes and editing for me. :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

There's Hope Amid the Fury....

In the writing world, there's an EPIC battle going on between those that are traditionally published and those that self-publish.  I confess that my aim is to traditionally publish, as I long to see my name on bookshelves someday.  However, I haven't yet ruled out e-publishing if I find myself heavily rejected.  There are choices now for writers.  Choices that weren't available years ago.  More and more established authors have even dipped their toes into e-publishing, so the lines are being blurred.  And that's a good thing.

Many of the blogs I follow are ripe with this very topic.  A blogger displayed the following quote today, and I loved it...

"If you wrote something for which someone sent you a check, if you cashed the check and it didn't bounce, and if you then paid the light bill with the money, I consider you talented."

Who do you think said that?  None other than Stephen King :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

GREAT Movie - GREAT Quote.....

My husband and I have seen "The Usual Suspects" dozens of times, and it never gets old.  It's one of the top five movies that has the BEST twist for an ending!!  It was on again the other day, and of course, we had to watch it!  There is a classic line that I had to share, because I love it.  

If you like a movie that will surprise you and make you think, check it out!  There are so many fantastic "quotable lines," but this is my favorite....

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ATTENTION WRITERS...Writing Video Tips....

To all of my writer friends, this is a wonderful site where the author gives video tips on different subjects and how to improve your writing.  I love it!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My First Writing Workshop - What a Blast!

OK I attended the BEST writing workshop last night!   It lasted 4 hours, and was the best 4 hours I've spent in a long time. It was enjoyable, SO informative, and since it was a webinar, I was able to attend right from my desk chair!  You can't get any better than that!

It was jam-packed with helpful details on how to make your writing richer, deeper, and come off the page.  They touched on everything from giving your characters and story depth to the submission process.  I also got to meet the fellow webinars and add to my network of writers.

I personally think the mere $40 it cost was UNDERpriced!  She'll be doing future ones, and I'm already excited to attend those as well.  I recommend these wholeheartedly for anyone interested to keep it in mind.!writing-workshops

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just a Taste.....

Here's just a taste of the new project I'm working's a huge change for me, since I'm trying to write it from the first person point of view...I hope it pulls you in :)

I’m sitting alone in the dark.  Is he still out there?  I’m afraid to check.  This game of one upsmanship is growing tedious.  I’m the expert.  It’s now my move.  

The police still have no idea the murders we’re committing are related in any way.  

I’m determined to be the victor in this little dance.  Lance is a creep.  I don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I chose him to be a competitor in this tournament.    I was fine on my own,  but no, I had to raise the stakes by including him just because I felt I owed him.  As a result, he’s getting sloppy.  My next victim now has to be him.  There’s no way I’m risking getting caught because of this idiot.

We met last year, at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.  I’m hooked on Vicodin.  He’s hooked on Oxy.  The perfect match, or so I thought.  My dumbest move was to sleep with him that night.  He was alluring but not very smart.  Still, I continued to date him up until recently.

I was in a drunken stupor when the idea came to me.  I foolishly admitted I had killed someone and how exhilarating it would be to have a partner.  After telling him enough details that could be verified, it was too late to deny it.  He wanted in, and he’s the type to flap his gums if I didn’t agree.

He just killed a runaway, burying her body deep in the woods, and now it’s my turn again.  My first kill, the one I told him about, was an old nemesis from high school.  I prefer killing someone I’ve staked out for a while.  It’s all about preparation, not just randomness the way he did it.  The enjoyment was more in the gratification of having your victim look you in the eye and know you’re going to end their life.  I told him the rules of the game, and as if to prove his stupidity, he completely disregarded them.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My First Book Review & Recommendation.....

My first book review & recommendation… “Four Feet Tall & Rising” by Shorty Rossi.  Available on Kindle, hardcover, and audio.  I had the pleasure of just finishing this in the audio version, read by the author.  He’s a character, for sure.

Hopefully, some of you have already heard of, and maybe watch,  his Animal Planet show, “Pit Boss.”  I certainly hope so.  If you don’t, and you love dogs, it’s a must.  This wonderful little man is a powerhouse!  His love for pitbulls is endless.  His advocacy for the breed is tireless.  He’s a ‘little person’ with a huge heart and huge personality to match.

His book is a memoir, and he lets it all hang out.  He had an unhappy childhood with a controlling, abusive father.  He started hanging out with gangs and wound up in prison for 10 years.  Upon his release, he was able to turn his life around and form a talent agency for little people in Hollywood.  In addition to that, he runs “Shorty’s Rescue,” which helps find homes for abused and neglected pitbulls. He promotes the breed as their true selves – loving and sweet.  Not the killing machines they’ve been branded.

At times emotional, others hilarious, this book is one I wholeheartedly recommend!   He is one of a kind, and I truly admire him.  I wish there were more people like him in the world who puts his money where his mouth is…he doesn’t just talk about saving the breed…he does it.  He has six of his own pitbulls, which are featured in his show.  

At the same time I recommend his book, I strongly recommend his show!!  My husband and I have been watching it since the first episode, and it’s wonderful.  Big dogs and little people, which is how the show was first pitched.  

I have my own personal spreadsheet, where I keep track of every book I’ve read and how I would rate it.  The system is 1-5, with 5 being the best.  Shorty’s book is a wholehearted 5!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Online Relationships

Internet relationships...such a strange yet fascinating phenomenon.  At once intimidating, mysterious, and highly addicting...the internet has proven itself to be much more than a super highway of information and resources.  In fact, it has dramatically changed many lives.

Relationships online can be more intense than those in "real life," so to speak.  Emotions pour forth with more ease than they would otherwise, had you been sitting face to face.  In addition to the intensity, online relationships can also be formed more quickly and easily.   There is even a saying that knowing someone online for one month is equal to actually dating them for six!  That is because the soul and heart are open more readily.  The computer screen somehow shields us.  We can tell our innermost secrets, desires, and thoughts.  It tends to make it easier, acting like a buffer.  And yet, though it acts as a buffer, at the same time, it acts like a door...opening up to your heart. 

Now, don't get me wrong!  I'm not saying we should all stop going out and meeting people the old fashioned way.  I'm simply saying we need to accept this concept because it is now "the way" of meeting great new friends or even soulmates.  Hundreds of thousands (perhaps even millions) of hopeful individuals seek some form of love and acceptance on the internet.

In some ways, it has even assisted the most shy, insecure person in coming out of their shell and being able to carry that over into "real life."  On that one, I definitely speak from experience.  When I first discovered the internet, I was a shy little waif who had an alter personality online.  I was able to let my "real self," the one I kept hidden deep inside, bloom and even flourish without repercussions. I became outgoing, flirty, and very talkative.  It is less likely to be rejected or shunned online than you might be in person; therefore, people can be their true selves.  Some say “it’s just a computer!”  Perhaps it is – to SOME.  But to others, it is life.  It is sharing of our lives…sharing the joys, sorrows, ups, downs, trials, and tribulations.  Sharing stories on how we loved and lost and loved again online.  It serves as more than just a silly box and keyboard…it serves as a support network.  In fact, many people grow closer to online friends than their own relatives!  They also converse with them more often, which is not uncommon.

Everyone has their own story.  I was was lucky enough to find my soulmate/future husband online when AOL first burst on the scene.  We actually met in a chat room - what were the odds?  We've been happily together now for 14 years and counting.  On Facebook, I've formed extremely close friendships with very special people. 

You'll find that many online relationships, no matter the capacity, eventually move offline as well...with the participants exchanging phone numbers and even meeting in person.  Crossing that fine line between ONline and OFFline occurs more often than you think.  This is growing more and more common, and I've also benefited from that as well.  I've had the great fortune of meeting a new best friend.  We've met in person recently & intend to visit again in August.

Well beyond the typed words...right behind the computer screens, there are many people out there with their very own amazing stories.  These special connections can be life-saving, life-enriching, and sometimes more enjoyable and reliable than any friend you may know 'in person.'

Friday, June 8, 2012


A lot of you may already know Stacey Honowitz from her appearances on HLN as a panelist.  That’s how I’ve gotten to know her as well.  She’s a funny,  intelligent woman who has graciously agreed to this interview.  I’m grateful to have gotten to know and love her. 

She’s the Assistant State Attorney at Broward County State Attorney’s Office in Florida and has written two books regarding the sexual abuse of children.  Thanks for appearing here and educating us as well, my friend! 

Let’s start with this…you’re in the business of law and an advocate for children.  How did you also add “writer” to your resume?  What motivated you to write your first book, “My Privates are Private?”

I have been a  Sex Crimes and Child Abuse prosecutor for almost 24 years, and I have met with thousands of victims and their families. I realized that so many parents were too scared to talk about private parts with their kids, and too many kids were clueless when it came to touching, molestations and sexual battery. I decided that education was the key, and I needed to show parents an easy way to deal with this delicate subject matter. I knew that tools needed to be out there to help parents and kids "break the ice' and actually discuss an uncomfortable topic. Sexual abuse is an epidemic, and nobody ever thinks that their child could be a victim. Sexual abuse has no boundaries, it affects rich and poor, black and white, Catholic and Jewish. You have to be able to get your head out of the sand and realize that if you don't discuss this subject, you are committing "parental malpractice". Thus the books were born, easy clear limerick pages that get a huge message across "don't ever be afraid to tell".  

Was it difficult to get your first book published?  Any challenges?  Especially considering the title of your second book.  I remember some backlash when you appeared on TV.

The first book, between edits and trials, took me about 3 months.  I also struggled to get both books published. It's so interesting to me, everyone in the publishing business that I came across had children, all of them thought 'great idea and so necessary' and yet NOBODY would publish them. I would pitch and pitch about the importance of this information, beg them to watch me on television a few nights a week talking about sexual predators, and still they would not do it. I knew how important this project was, I saw how the books would sell out at my lectures, and so I never gave up. The rejections just poured in. I remember thinking if g-dforbid something happened to their kid, I would be the the first person they'd call to prosecute the person. It came down to one thing "sales" and profit. They kept telling me that on the open market the books would not do well. I knew that parents were thirsty for this information, "how to talk to their kids" so I went ahead and self published the books. The more rejections I receive, even today, the harder it makes me work to prove them wrong.

This is why I love your spirit and tenacity!  I remember you appearing on TV and talking about the problems you had with some of the public still wanting to turn a deaf ear and blind eye.   How did your second book, “Genius With a Penis: Don’t Touch” come about?
I wanted to have separate books for the boys and the girls. When I would first lecture about "My Privates are Private" mothers would come up and say to me "I have a little boy, could you do something that maybe isn't so girly". I then wrote "Genius with a Penis, Don't Touch" and that brought on a whole new slew of issues. Now nobody would touch it with a 10 foot pole because of the word "penis". I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but that's what the male genitalia is called. Everyone is so embarrassed by the word, except for a little kid if you tell him that's what it is. We can tell them that they have eyes, a nose, and arms, but we have to lie to them about what their penis is called? If you aren't afraid to say it without laughing, neither will they. The parents and adults are the ones that make the word dirty or funny. Teach them early on what the proper names are, that way if they need to tell someone they have been abused, nobody has to guess what a whoo whoo is.


You make some excellent points.  Parents - take heed!  How do you market your work?  What avenues have you found work best for your genre?

I do everything I can to market my books. I do a lot of television, which I have been doing for years, just so people recognize me when it comes time to talk about the books. I do a lot of speaking engagements where I introduce the books, and now with social media, I tweet as many PR people as I can. I have tried desperately to get a celebrity involved because people listen to stars. So many celebrities have been sexually abused, and they can't wait to talk about it when they are trying to sell their books, yet I haven't had any that are willing to help spread the word about my books. Like I said, I know how valuable the information is, and I believe in the good that the books provide, so if you reject them, it makes me promote them more. I can see the results in the kids that read the books. It is constant work to market and promote, letters to magazines, tv morning shows, and lots of emails to people that I think might be able to help.

What’s one important tip from your books that you want to share with parents?
I think the most important tip for parents from my books, is to teach your kids to recognize that even nice people might want to touch your privates, and you should never be afraid or embarrassed to tell someone. Parents need to realize that this is not a one day discussion.  It's ongoing, until your kid rolls his eyes at you and says "mom and dad, I am tired of this talk, I know, if anyone touches me or makes me feel uncomfortable I have to tell" "I get it."
These books will never "go out of style." They are not like the latest diet books, and should be mandatory in every household. Sexual abuse will always be in society, especially with the internet, and social networking sites. Every parent should realize the importance of these tools, and know that 5 minutes of uncomfortable beats 5 years in the State Attorney's Office. 

What’s your take on the recent wave of e-publishing?   Any chance of seeing your books on Kindle and Nook?   And what do you love and hate about writing?
Publishing has changed drastically, with the Nook and the Kindle,  they are great and convenient, and if you choose to have this discussion in that format, great. However you feel will get the message across to your child the best way, is proper. My books are available on Barnes and and Amazon. com so if you want to read them electronically, be my guest! My advice for writers (and I don't truly consider myself a writer) is to never give up. If you have an idea that nobody else likes, now you have the opportunity to do it yourself.  It's the marketing  itself that's difficult, but where there's a will, there is a way. What do I love and hate about writing? I loved having an idea, and seeing the final product. I didn't like the criticism, but I love that my books have a real purpose. I love when someone writes me or texts me and tells me how much the books have helped their family.
Do you have any projects in the works?  What do you do in your spare time?

I don't have any books on the horizon.  I am still spending my free time marketing these!  I don't have a lot of free time, as I work full time as a Supervisor in the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit of the State Attorneys Office.  I do television at night,  speaking engagements and I am a single mother at 50 with a 3 1/2 year old!  So I am busy, and making it my mission to get these books in all the schools, pediatrician offices,  and the media. 

Stacey, thank you again, for stopping by to chat with me and the readers.  I treasure our new found friendship and appreciate you taking the time to do this!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My FIRST Writing Workshop!

My first writing workshop!  And I don't even have to leave my house!  How amazing is THAT?!  Thanks to our advanced digital age, I can attend via webinar right from my laptop.

I'm very excited about this since I've never attended a writing workshop or conference.  Many are offered around the country, but most of them aren't located close to me.  Plus, who has the money these days to pay for a flight, take off work for 3-4 days, and indulge in their passion and craft?

Thankfully for me, I quite literally linked up (through with a fellow writer (well she's a published author) who runs workshops and smartly caters to those who can't be there in person by providing webinars.  So, next Saturday night, I have a 'date' of sorts, for a  workshop entitled, "Becoming an Author - The Journey to Publication."  It will run for 3 hours, which sounds quite thorough to I'm very excited to participate in this experience!

Another writer, that I also met via LinkedIn (I swear this networking site has worked wonders for me) told me about an annual conference held in NYC every summer.  It was founded by none other than James Patterson, and it's a MUST.  We're both planning to attend this one next summer, and we're both
hoping we'll be attending as 'published writers.'   It's called
Thrillerfest!!  Perfect for a mystery/suspense writer, huh?  You get to meet big-name authors, fellow writers, and even pitch your story to agents for representation!

This world is new to me, and it's opening up more with each passing day.  I feel closer to my lifelong dream than EVER before.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ramblings of a Nervous Writer......

Stream of consciousness......

Sleep evades me.....
Thoughts are rambling...
Wheels are turning...
They never stop
To allow my mind stillness...
So much to think about...
So much to do...
Never enough time
Too many ideas
Too much second-guessing
Nearly time to move
To the next step...
Do I do it now?
Do I continue to wait?
Do I listen to all the 'experts' in these books?
As long as I do, I'm stuck with doubts
'Don't do this' 
'Make sure you do that'
Which voice to listen to...
Or go with my gut
Just polish it up and put it OUT there
The time is coming...
To let go of my book
Add the finishing touches
And see where it goes...
Give me the strength to handle it all

Interview with Stacey Honowitz This Week!

Stacey has the questions for her interview and will provide her answers within the next few days, so we will have a dialogue to post soon......

Sunday, June 3, 2012

AUTHOR INTERVIEW...Stacey Honowitz, Coming Soon!

I've had the pleasure of knowing a wonderful lady by the name of Stacey Honowitz.  Perhaps many of you know her, especially those of you who belong to my HLN Crime Fan Page on Facebook.  She appears regularly on several of their shows.  She's an Assistant State Attorney in Broward County, FL and happens to be a passionate advocate for children.

As a supervisor in the Sex Crimes & Child Abuse Unit, she's responsible for prosecuting cases involving child molestation and all cases of physical abuse of children. Her mission is to spread the word about sexual abuse of children. 

She's written two books, "My Privates are Private," and "Genius With a Penis, Don't Touch."  The intent behind these is to help parents and children break the ice in discussing the delicate subject matter of sexual abuse.

My interview with her will be coming soon, so don't miss it!!