Sunday, May 6, 2012

Heaven DOES Exist on Earth...I've Just Been There...

Time stopped...the world around me disappeared...I walked through a gate and entered's right here on earth, folks.  It's a place called Howling Woods Farm.   Wolves and wolf-hybrids surrounded me, and the rest of the universe melted away. 

They greeted me with loving kisses, allowed me to give belly rubs, played with me in their midst.....literally...several of them began a romp, and I wound up in the middle, right underneath one as they continued their session.  It was bliss.

There was nothing but trees and acres of woodland.  The weather was perfect, and they welcomed me in their space without reservation.  I felt like part of the pack.  Even though the farm is a rescue haven, they are still afforded their natural environment to live out their lives in joy and comfort.

Then came the sadness...having to return to the 'real world' when the visit was over.  Everything else then paled in comparison.  No longer in the sanctuary where I felt more comfortable among wolves than people.  I'm a deep animal lover.  They offer unconditional love and everlasting affection.  No human relationship is unconditional, regardless of  how great it may be. 

A dog is faithful through thick and thin.  Animal lovers will know exactly where I'm coming from.

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