Thursday, May 17, 2012

Think Again....

Finally, my lifelong dream is within my grasp...I can see that brass ring dangling in front of me, just outside my reach!

So many things to do that I didn't expect.  As much as it's now 'the best time to be a writer,' thanks to more avenues (i.e. kindle, internet) being open & available, it  brings with it the necessity to do a lot of your own marketing.  In the 'old days,' you sent it to an agent/publisher, and THEY did all the work.  Not so anymore!  I have a stack of books to read on how to get published, make the perfect pitch, become a 'breakout novelist.'  Each one has different tips and things I must do if I want to have a chance.

Create a blog...join writing groups and other writers and your homework and be prepared...

This doesn't leave much time for anything ummm..WRITING!  lol

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