Saturday, May 12, 2012


I always seem to find a richness of material at the lakehouse.  It's an incredible source of inspiration. Even though I'm only here for an overnight visit, I was blessed to have a gorgeous day.  The sun was out, there was a soft breeze on the dock, and the lake was relatively still.  

The minute we arrived, the deafening sound of pure silence hit.  It is so intoxicating and peaceful.  Perfect for a writer who finds comfort and bliss in quietude.  I crave it and appreciate it in my own home; however, the lakehouse is completely different.  The atmosphere and surroundings are my idea of paradise.

The view from the deck fills me with a sense of calm.  There are tall, slim pine trees surrounding a larger oak.  Stone pathways lead you down to the lake, with a large deck and sitting area.  This afternoon, I was able to spy two mallard ducks floating across my path in the water. A serenade of tinkling windchimes provided soft background music.

Standing at another side of the deck, I got to feel the buddings of pine cones...just now starting to form.  It's a magical place that, much like Howling Woods Farm (from a previous blog), reminds me I can still find venues where I can feel 'at home.'

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