Friday, May 4, 2012

Howling Woods.......

As you all may know, my Facebook friend (Kelly) is coming to meet me in person, after knowing each other online for nearly a year.  She lives in Indiana & I'm in New Jersey (figures we've become best friends yet we live so far away).  She arrives tomorrow, and we have a wonderful activity planned for Sunday! 

We're both such crazy animal lovers, that I found a place that is literally the next town over from me.  It's a wolf and wolf-hybrid farm/shelter.  We can interact with them - pet them, feed them, etc.  We can't WAIT!!  My husband is also a fan, so he's looking forward to it as well. 

Just the thought of being close to wolves and petting them fills me with such joy and anticipation.  Apparently, they like fig newtons! lol   We're ready to buy those along with chicken thighs.  They have a website below, where they listed "things the wolves like."  Check it out - there are videos of past visitors with the's incredible!

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  1. Dawn, my critique partner and one of my two BFFs has a dog that is part wolf part German Shepherd. He is scary looking, but is such a sweet dog. He is much larger than a German Shepherd, but mostly has that coloring.