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You may be asking yourself...who the heck is this chick, and why should I follow her?  Well, I plan to be famous someday!   I'm a writer at heart...always have been, always will be...it's in my blood.  Apparently, I was speaking in complete sentences at the age of 2.  First hint, huh?   I've been writing since childhood, when I first started a diary at the age of 10 (second hint).  I've written countless poems, several short stories, and now a psychological thriller.  I'm also working on several other projects, as a writer has to keep more than one ball in the air.  There's a great writer in me.

I'm an avid reader & listen to audiobooks constantly.  My favorites are obviously mysteries and suspense, but I don't limit myself to that genre.  Instead, I've got a wide variety in my arsenal.

In addition to doggedly editing several current manuscripts, I run a Facebook page for true crime fans that has been quite successful and has a large following.  Check it out and become a member. The link is on the left sidebar, at the top.

I'm also a paid contributor on the Yahoo Contributor Network.
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I'm happily married to a very supportive man.  In fact, he's my technical expert and has helped me continually develop this blog.   

I'm a tireless advocate for animals and always have at least one dog.  The most we've had at one time has been three.

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  1. Hi Dawn!
    Awesome to meet you and so thrilled you joined up to Warriors.
    Looking forward to seeing where you go with your writing.
    - Kim