Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My First Interview!! PAUL LEVINE....

I am thrilled to report that I've scooped my first author interview, and it's a BIG one!  Well-known author, Paul Levine!  He's one of the faves I listed in my Favorite Authors list in a previous blog post and has graciously agreed to let me interview him right here.

He wrote the Solomon vs Lord series, about two bickering attorneys, with such humor that I was hooked from the first paragraph.  Since then, I've gotten two co-workers hooked on the series as well!

He has another series based on Jake Lassiter, an ex-pro football player turned maverick attorney.  His 8th book in this series, entitled "Lassiter," is now in bookstores.

He also managed to segue his skills into writing for television, including more than 20 episodes of JAG.



  1. Awesome! I can't wait. I will get on my Kindle and look for it. I read. A lot. Always looking for something new in any genre.

  2. Congratulations Dawn! I have a couple of Paul Levine's books and they are on my list to read and review (To Speak for the Dead & Flesh & Bones). Please keep us all posted!

  3. Fantastic! Congratulations, Dawn! This is the most wonderful news ever. Keep the spirit going, girl!