Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"I Wrote a Book" (poem)

I wrote a book –
I’m on my way!
Oh not so fast,
They all do say

You have so much
You still must do -
Like read and edit
Till your face turns blue!

My eyes are burning
From slashing this thing -
It’s for my own good -
Success it will bring

‘Cuz to put forth a book
Without being supreme
Would spell certain death
For my life's one true dream

Rejections will come,
But I have to be strong -
To give up now
Would be totally wrong

It’s taken too much
To get to this spot -
I’m closer than ever
Give up?  I will NOT

So it’s back to the novel
To edit again
As I re-write this thing
With my dreaded red pen

One day I will see
My book on a shelf
And I will take pride
In my work & myself!


  1. Well done Dawn.. I hope (as much as you do) that you find success in your book. :)

  2. I don't know how you come up with this great work!!! Love it!

  3. Every aspiring writer can relate to this--it made me laugh!

  4. Great poem and expresses exactly the frustrations we all go through as writers. Good for you! Keep it up.

  5. Thanks all! I wrote it today in about 5 minutes. Writing poetry comes easily to me. With all I've been going through in the editing phase of my book right now, I felt the need to write something fresh & new that expresses my experience... how we think it's over after we finally finish a book but then have to do the 'dreaded re-writes!'

  6. A writer I am not, rather just an appreciative reader of good stuff ... YES! That's YOU, Dawn! Don't lose sight of your goal. You will achieve it, without a doubt!!! Go Girl!