Thursday, May 24, 2012

Are YOU a Cheater?

I love reading.  I've loved it since I was a young child, always reading ahead of my fellow classmates.  Over the last eight years or more, when audiobooks started becoming more popular, I became a convert.  I haven't looked back since.

There seems to be a debate as to whether this is considered 'cheating.'  They say it's the lazy and inauthentic way to read.  Some look down their noses at us cheaters, but I think it's a great thing.  Just think of the time it saves - you can now drive, clean the house, exercise - all while reading!  It also widens an author's audience...those that may not have considered reading before are now listening.

I've noticed since I'm used to it now, that if I do actually 'read' the occasional book, I'm a 'skimmer.'  I skim past those very same descriptive passages I find so enjoyable while listening.  It's an odd phenomenon to me.

I've gotten a friend to start listening now.  She was never a reader before but now finds herself addicted as well.  After all, who doesn't like a good story told to them?

The narrating is very important - it can seriously make or break a novel.  There's a real art to it.  I have my favorites, and it's got an element of acting to a certain degree.  There are plenty of famous actors that narrate now.

So....are YOU a cheater?  I proudly admit YES!

Let's face it ... whether you're reading words or listening to them, it's a positive thing.  You're expanding your mind and imagination while actively stimulating your soul.


  1. I let you cheat for me!! Love ya!

  2. LOL Cayla that was supposed to be our secret! Or are you 'fessing up now since you already got the "A" in that class? And hey - your name showed up! YAY

  3. I'm not sure I would call it "cheating", but I have tried it and can't get into it. Nor can I get into reading on a Nook or Kindle. Unless I have an actual book in my hand, feeling the weight of it like the King 849 page monster, turning the pages, etc. How you read is not the issue, it's whether you read all in some way or form that makes the dif. imo

  4. Plus, my wife would tell you I'm not a very good listener so audio wouldn't work.

    1. Glen, I love it! LOL And I don't know if I could get into kindle yet myself, but stranger things have happened! I'm a writer that wants to be published, so I guess I'm glad people read, no matter what form it is!!

  5. The audio books that I have heard, were ones that my blind Grandmother used to listen to or the ones that played on the CBC radio station as I drove through remote Canadian highways. While I don't listen to alot of them now, I do like a good voice, like Sam Elliots (heartbeat!:))

  6. I like audio books and need to start taking advantage of the library in this category. I also receive coupons from and should take advantage of them, too. Audio books are not cheating, especially if you are taking a long distance trip. I mean, how can one read and drive at the same time? LOL