Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust.....

<Sigh>  It's getting so aggravating to witness great television shows being axed while more and more of these so-called 'reality' shows flood the airwaves.  I just found out that yet another show I liked was canceled after one season.  "A Gifted Man," which followed the life of a world-renowned neurosurgeon, who was frequently visited by the presence of his dead ex-wife.  The show had humor, life lessons, and entertainment value.  I can't say the same for these reality shows that serve to dumb-down our society.

Unfortunately, someone out there must be watching them, or they wouldn't keep making them.  That's my concern and fear.  Every season, my husband and I hesitate to get drawn into new shows that seem interesting, because they wind up canceled soon after.  It's a disappointing circle for we take the chance it might be great and get renewed?  Or invest our time in it and later see it thrown into the fire again?

It appears that any show that has a semblance of requiring one cell of brain power doesn't have a chance.  Instead, these mind-numbing programs that claim to be reality-based are taking over more and more.  It's a sad state of affairs in our house :(


  1. Applause, applause!!I know what you mean! Grrrrr!

  2. I know what you mean... I really enjoy The Finder on FOX, but wonder if it's going to be back next Season. Although Terra Nova wasn't great, it sure beat the heck out of DWTS, The Bachelor, etc etc... I can't stand those reality shows.. takes no brains whatsoever to watch them.

  3. Unfortunately, Glen, The Finder has been cancelled from what I have read. Same with Terra Nova. I agree that there are too many mindless shows out there. The "thinking man's show" doesn't have a chance these days. Shows like Terriers, Chicago Code, Rubicon, Gifted Man, etc. are all given 1 season and even though they are great shows, they don't appeal to the masses of people who apparently love to watch the mindless shows. Sad state of affairs..

  4. My husband and I experienced this with two TV shows we watched this past season as well. It's so depressing and it leaves you somewhat feeling betrayed. I will say, we found two great TV shows this season as well that will be making it to the second round: Grimm and Once Upon a Time. All in all, though, the time investment that TV requires only to be sentenced to death in so many cases, makes you wonder if it's even worth it. It's definitely a time consumer.

  5. Hi Hillary - hope to see you here more often. I agree with both you and Glen. Every season, my husband and I wonder the same thing - do we bother investing time and emotion in something good, or not bother? David hit the nail on the head -- too many MINDLESS shows! It's infuriating for people that like to be touched and challenged by a television show, as well as being entertained. Shows that seem to DO that are quickly axed.

    Thankfully, "Southland," which I adore, was stupidly canceled by NBC and picked up by TNT, where it's done well. It's a lifelike show, where you feel you're sitting in with the shows the mundane of what they do as well as the highs.

    I really wish these big wigs at these networks would have the guts to stick with shows that DESERVE time slots rather than caving to the masses that seem obsessed with these dumbed-down shows

  6. I seriously suggest watching this movie... "Idiocracy." While it was funny as hell, it also seems to be a foreshadowing of where our country is headed...if we're not there ALREADY... (I apologize, but it seems when I do a reply, it doesn't allow me to make the link a link that will SEND you there automatically)...please check it's worth the watch...