Friday, June 29, 2012

A Beautiful Sign........

I found some inspiration.  At least I think I did.   This afternoon, I spied a butterfly outside my office building, on the ground.  I gently moved it out of the path of cars that park in the lot.  I watched it for a while, wings mostly black with stunning orange arcs on each side.  Brighter than a ripe pumpkin.  Speckles of white also dotted the feathers.

It let me stroke and feel its wings.  The antennae would move, but its body would fall to the side. Each time I placed my finger gently along one wing to help 'right' it, it would lean over again.   My only hope was that it wasn't suffering.  Several minutes later, it was gone, no longer moving. 

I decided to honor it by taking it home as a sign and muse.  It was some cosmic message from the universe that it was meant to be with me.  It was meant for me to walk out that door,  at that very moment, to come upon it.  Mother Nature knew I would hold it most sacred.  Indeed, it's a treasured gift.


  1. A beautiful thought, I hope that it is a good sign for you!

  2. I found this, about the symbolism of a butterfly.

    "The butterfly is a reminder to make changes when the opportunity arises. Change and transformation are inevitable for us all."

    It also says that butterflies represent a rebirth of your soul, opening yourself to new life and taking chances.
    It seems quite perfect that you experienced this moment today. I think it is a sign of a wonderful change in your life and new beginning.

  3. Wow Kelly, I can't believe that! How perfect then, for me to come upon that poor thing at the end of its life. So, it WAS a sign, perhaps. Thanks Kelly, for going to the trouble of looking into its symbolism. I hadn't even thought of doing so - I love how your mind works :)

  4. Hi Dawn,
    It is interesting how something in nature can strike us and give us a spurt of energy or energize us into a state of creativity where we really write from the heart.
    Enjoyed your article.

  5. Hi Dawn ~ What a lovely gift. Thank you for sharing this lovely experience. ~ Peggy

  6. Pat & Peggy, thank you for experiencing this with me :)