Friday, June 15, 2012

Just a Taste.....

Here's just a taste of the new project I'm working's a huge change for me, since I'm trying to write it from the first person point of view...I hope it pulls you in :)

I’m sitting alone in the dark.  Is he still out there?  I’m afraid to check.  This game of one upsmanship is growing tedious.  I’m the expert.  It’s now my move.  

The police still have no idea the murders we’re committing are related in any way.  

I’m determined to be the victor in this little dance.  Lance is a creep.  I don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I chose him to be a competitor in this tournament.    I was fine on my own,  but no, I had to raise the stakes by including him just because I felt I owed him.  As a result, he’s getting sloppy.  My next victim now has to be him.  There’s no way I’m risking getting caught because of this idiot.

We met last year, at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.  I’m hooked on Vicodin.  He’s hooked on Oxy.  The perfect match, or so I thought.  My dumbest move was to sleep with him that night.  He was alluring but not very smart.  Still, I continued to date him up until recently.

I was in a drunken stupor when the idea came to me.  I foolishly admitted I had killed someone and how exhilarating it would be to have a partner.  After telling him enough details that could be verified, it was too late to deny it.  He wanted in, and he’s the type to flap his gums if I didn’t agree.

He just killed a runaway, burying her body deep in the woods, and now it’s my turn again.  My first kill, the one I told him about, was an old nemesis from high school.  I prefer killing someone I’ve staked out for a while.  It’s all about preparation, not just randomness the way he did it.  The enjoyment was more in the gratification of having your victim look you in the eye and know you’re going to end their life.  I told him the rules of the game, and as if to prove his stupidity, he completely disregarded them.


  1. You rock!

    <3 Cayla

  2. Oh my! You always give good murder!

    1. I give good murder? That's a good one! Thank you!

  3. I have to say I have never seen a book written from the eyes of a killer, interesting. You have piqued my curiosity.

  4. Thanks's a first for me. I've also never written in the first person point of view, so it's a challenge.

  5. I am in!
    Keep it coming, Dawn!

  6. Dawn, I really like this, come on don't leave me hanging like this! Great work!

  7. Check out the second blog, "A Second Taste" for some guys are slave drivers, though! It's only the start of my second work. I'm also still working hard at editing my FIRST manuscript, which I've ALREADY had an offer from a well-known narrator who offered to READ it for me to submit to publishers! Networking DOES work!