Monday, July 2, 2012

A Writer's Crazy Life.......


Whoever thought (or thinks) it’s a simple, idyllic life was not a writer!  LOL   Since throwing myself into this head first, I've discovered it's the hardest work I’ve ever done.  First, I thought writing my first manuscript might be difficult.  Blessedly, it came easy most days.  

Then, I thought the editing was IS!  It will kill me! lol  I've complained about that enough on this blog to be perfectly clear on that subject. 

It's so much more than just sitting my duff in a chair and typing.  It's re-reading my work (no joke) 100 times to make sure I'm not writing in 'passive voice,' and that I'm SHOWING more and TELLING less, among a gazillion other do's and don'ts.  Reading all of my stacks full of writing books, each one filled with nuggets of wisdom.  

NETWORK with other writers via reading their blogs and commenting, reading their blogs and digesting their wisdom, having their blogs lead me to other writers' blogs that are interesting and helpful, and ... you get the picture on that one :)

EMAIL with my new writer friends to keep in touch and provide encouragement to one another.  

BLOG on my OWN blog...trying to post something interesting every day.  While doing so also makes me a better writer, it still involves time and thought.

ATTEND workshops & conventions.  So far, my only workshops have been online, though I plan to attend some in person one day, which requires got it....time and effort on my part, to be 'present' and mindful, and definitely eager to learn.

JOIN several writing sites that require me to read others' work and critique it in exchange for the same on my own work.  These sites also provide the opportunity to participate in various contests, which means more writing!  It could also mean accolades if you win, and something you can add to your 'resume,' so to speak.

READ!  I've said it before, and I'll say it again...writers MUST be avid readers!  I noticed on another writer's blog (yup another blog-see above! lol), that we should try to read at least one fiction book and one 'craft' book per week.  For those of you that are new to this, 'craft' basically means something ELSE I mentioned above - all of those stacks of books I have about writing better.  We always have to perfect our craft.  Reading about it helps - at least it does for me.

WATCH MOVIES in a new light.  Any work of cinematic origin is worth looking at from a different and new perspective.  I also learned this on another blog (see how helpful they can be?), and it has me viewing TV and movies from a writer's aspect.  Someone had to WRITE them.  They can assist us in learning plot, characterization, etc.

BE a Yahoo Network Contributor.  Okay this isn't a MUST, but it's something else I've taken on for some 'street cred.'  It can only help me when the time comes to submit a manuscript.  It keeps my name out there, lets me write articles & editorials and possibly take 'desk assignments' they provide.  Makes me feel like I work for a newspaper :)

WRITE!  Continue to write my manuscript, if it needs more writing (which it always does).  Also make sure I'm busy with another book in the works.  A writer should always have at least two projects going.  We must always be in constant 'motion,' so to speak.  More than one ball in the air...have I provided enough cliches there?  Oops...yet another thing we shouldn't do - write in cliches.  We have to be more creative!

All of this adds up to one thing...well SOME of it adds up to one thing...Marketing....yes, before I've even submitted a single thing to an agent, I must market myself and establish a 'platform'  - that thing we writers need that will show an agent and/or publisher we already have people who might be interested in reading our book, if they choose to accept it.

Do I feel stretched a tad thin?  Yup.  Do I think that writers get a bad rap from those who think all they do is lounge by a pool and maybe write once in a while?  Yup.  Do I still love ALL of it?  YUP!!

Are you exhausted yet?  Good!  Then I've painted the right picture...but again...I'm loving every crazy minute of it!


  1. Yes, I'd say you've caught the picture! An important part is having at least two projects going - in different stages. Sometimes I've had too many.
    And loving every minute of it - well, the writing part anyway.

  2. Yes, it really is a good deal of work. The good thing is that you are loving it. I hope all the hard work pays off and your book is a success.

  3. You nailed this, Dawn! No one said being an author was easy. In fact, of all the careers I've had, law enforcement included, being a writer is, hands down, the most difficult career path I've ever taken. Though, I wouldn't change direction for anything!

    GREAT blog.


  4. Nice to read someone talking about behind the scene/business of writing. Just like any business, there is a front end and a back end. The front is creative, which can be hard work, but the back end is really challenging and time consuming. Well done. You captured it nicely.