Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ramblings of a Nervous Writer......

Stream of consciousness......

Sleep evades me.....
Thoughts are rambling...
Wheels are turning...
They never stop
To allow my mind stillness...
So much to think about...
So much to do...
Never enough time
Too many ideas
Too much second-guessing
Nearly time to move
To the next step...
Do I do it now?
Do I continue to wait?
Do I listen to all the 'experts' in these books?
As long as I do, I'm stuck with doubts
'Don't do this' 
'Make sure you do that'
Which voice to listen to...
Or go with my gut
Just polish it up and put it OUT there
The time is coming...
To let go of my book
Add the finishing touches
And see where it goes...
Give me the strength to handle it all


  1. Jump... have faith.. you worked so hard and now it is time to see the rewards .. I have faith and I can't wait to read it.

    1. Thank you T! It has meant a lot to have so many like you behind me!

    2. Tamale is right. JUMP!! xoxo

  2. Dawn,
    Keep your poetry in motion. You'll never know, if you don't proceed. For sure, you have what it takes!!!

    Love you,

  3. Time to just let it be.... don't overwork it, you will drive yourself nuts...well MORE nuts. I think it was awesome before any corrections you have made. I know you have what it takes, stop doubting yourself! I love you!

  4. My advice: if its where you see it the most true and the most whole, then, have someone read it who gives you honest feedback, put it aside and dont even think about looking at it for two weeks, then read it again with your critics advice in mind. If it's still whole, true, ad ready to fire, GO!!!

    congrats on finaly seeing the end and another new beginning in sight!

  5. "Go with the GUT" Dawn!
    Keep the confidence.
    You have worked long and hard.
    You have earned your way!

  6. Your unfailing support is very appreciated!