Sunday, June 10, 2012

Online Relationships

Internet relationships...such a strange yet fascinating phenomenon.  At once intimidating, mysterious, and highly addicting...the internet has proven itself to be much more than a super highway of information and resources.  In fact, it has dramatically changed many lives.

Relationships online can be more intense than those in "real life," so to speak.  Emotions pour forth with more ease than they would otherwise, had you been sitting face to face.  In addition to the intensity, online relationships can also be formed more quickly and easily.   There is even a saying that knowing someone online for one month is equal to actually dating them for six!  That is because the soul and heart are open more readily.  The computer screen somehow shields us.  We can tell our innermost secrets, desires, and thoughts.  It tends to make it easier, acting like a buffer.  And yet, though it acts as a buffer, at the same time, it acts like a door...opening up to your heart. 

Now, don't get me wrong!  I'm not saying we should all stop going out and meeting people the old fashioned way.  I'm simply saying we need to accept this concept because it is now "the way" of meeting great new friends or even soulmates.  Hundreds of thousands (perhaps even millions) of hopeful individuals seek some form of love and acceptance on the internet.

In some ways, it has even assisted the most shy, insecure person in coming out of their shell and being able to carry that over into "real life."  On that one, I definitely speak from experience.  When I first discovered the internet, I was a shy little waif who had an alter personality online.  I was able to let my "real self," the one I kept hidden deep inside, bloom and even flourish without repercussions. I became outgoing, flirty, and very talkative.  It is less likely to be rejected or shunned online than you might be in person; therefore, people can be their true selves.  Some say “it’s just a computer!”  Perhaps it is – to SOME.  But to others, it is life.  It is sharing of our lives…sharing the joys, sorrows, ups, downs, trials, and tribulations.  Sharing stories on how we loved and lost and loved again online.  It serves as more than just a silly box and keyboard…it serves as a support network.  In fact, many people grow closer to online friends than their own relatives!  They also converse with them more often, which is not uncommon.

Everyone has their own story.  I was was lucky enough to find my soulmate/future husband online when AOL first burst on the scene.  We actually met in a chat room - what were the odds?  We've been happily together now for 14 years and counting.  On Facebook, I've formed extremely close friendships with very special people. 

You'll find that many online relationships, no matter the capacity, eventually move offline as well...with the participants exchanging phone numbers and even meeting in person.  Crossing that fine line between ONline and OFFline occurs more often than you think.  This is growing more and more common, and I've also benefited from that as well.  I've had the great fortune of meeting a new best friend.  We've met in person recently & intend to visit again in August.

Well beyond the typed words...right behind the computer screens, there are many people out there with their very own amazing stories.  These special connections can be life-saving, life-enriching, and sometimes more enjoyable and reliable than any friend you may know 'in person.'


  1. Dawn, You are my first! A friend so dear to my heart, yet, we havent met (YET). I so look forward to metting you and David.

    You are blowing me away, with all your writings and Blogs and HLN Crime Fans page, and, you even find time to play (Words) with me. Your amazing and I LOVE you!!

  2. Thank you Lorrie! I swear it was fate that we met so you could finally push my butt into gear to follow my dream. I love you, my online friend (and one day in PERSON friend)! :)

  3. I never really thought I would meet somebody new online, let alone my best friend. I figured I would find some people from the past and catch up and then eventually that would fade away. I could have never imagined that I would get to be so close to somebody and feel closer everyday, yet live so far away. And NOT in my wildest dreams did I think I would take a plane to visit my soul sister, somebody I that truly love and need in my life.... a person that was once just a name on a computer screen. August seems so far away!!!! I can't wait!

  4. It's so true. The internet is like the new way of communicating, and now its even become a relationship starter. It really does help peel away the layers so to speak and remove the physicality of appearance from the first introductions. Thoughtful post. So true. Also, I can say first hand that this is not the first thought that comes to mind, nor is the accepted norm from anyone, but it is definitely the future of communication.

  5. Hillary, that's a great point - the appearance...there isn't as much judgment online when you meet someone, besides agreeing or disagreeing with their opinions, etc. You can connect on a REAL level...things in common