Monday, June 25, 2012

Can You Help Matt ??

An interesting new thing I'm trying for my blog...this one is written by one of my characters, and he has some questions....

My name is Matt ... I'm a main character in "Visions of Violence," of which some of you have read several pages on this blog.  My symptoms are as follows...

- I have memory loss
- Certain images from my brain don't piece together, as if puzzle pieces are missing
- I had an awful fight with my ex-girlfriend, and she's now been missing for three years
 -I suffer from terrible headaches that can sometimes be debilitating
 -I'm searching for love, although I'm afraid to open my heart again.
 -I tend to stalk strangers in this search for happiness but don't know how to find it

What am I suffering from?  Can you help me?  Suggestions?


  1. I think the underlying symptoms Matt is experiencing are due to the ingestion of artificial sweetener also marketed as Equal. It's in most products that are labeled "sugar free" and every gum and mint on the market now...except tic-tacs. It can cause headaches,confusion, memory loss, mood swings and seizures. I believe eliminating aspertame from Matt's diet will aid in getting to the root of his relationship issues as he'll be able to think more clearly. :)

  2. If Matt is still having the same symptoms after eliminating aspertame from his diet, then he needs to be evaluated for food allergies and possible side-effects of medication. If those are ruled out, the last resort should be a brain scan to check for the possibility of a brain tumor.

  3. Wow Gina, you put some thought into this one! lol He will take that under advisement and appreciates your well thought-out advice! :)