Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How do YOU read?

A heated debate has long been raging between traditional publishing and e-publishing.  It seems the “Big 6,” as the NYC traditional publishers are called, continue to fight against the stream.  With the dawn of e-readers and ways for writers to publish their own work, it has given hungry readers many more choices.   I have my own indecision on where I’ll land.  I still have that idealistic vision of submitting to publishers.  I think that’s how I’ll begin, when I’m ready.

My question to you is this….how many of you have kindle, nook, etc?  Any electronic device by which you read?  How many of you still prefer the feel of a book in your hands?   Or, do I also have fellow audiobook users out there?  That’s my preferred method these days.  I belong to a club that works the same as Netflix, where I essentially rent a book, listen, then return it for another.


  1. I have a Kindle and an iPad, both of which I take when I travel. At home, I'm inclined to read print books since I have shelves full of them and enough to last a lifetime. I still like holding a book and being able to look at the cover, but the convenience of a Kindle when on an airplane or ship cannot be beat.

  2. Dawn,

    I have a Nook and an Acer tablet. I love my Nook, but would rather have a real book in my hands. I spend hundreds of dollars a year on both.

    The Nook is great when I'm traveling and for books that might be out of print in paper edition.

    I'm going to try to publish traditionally, too. Stay with your dream.

    Deb Turner

  3. I have debated purchasing a Kindle, but I spend more time listening to books rather than reading. Of course, the one thing I HAVE bought a lot of lately (in book form) are tons of books on the craft of writing. Those are filled with highlighting, dog ears, etc. so I can always go back and use them for reference.

    It makes sense that electronic devices would come in handy for traveling. What is an Acer tablet? And Nancy, excuse my ignorance of all things technical, but would you need a Kindle if you have an iPad?

  4. I just can't do the e book think... I enjoy browsing the book stores and the library. Nothing for me compares the feel of a real book. I enjoy the various typesets, etc so for me the ebook will never replace the real thing. Yes, taking 5 books with me when I travel is kind of a pain, but to me it's worth it.

  5. Glen, you make a good point about typesets. Don't often think of that. I would hate to see 'regular books' disappear completely. The digital world seems to be taking over.