Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Try This! Something New.....

Let's try something new, interesting, and fun...I'll post a picture, and you can post me  3-4 sentences based on what you see.   Pretend you're a character in a novel and see where it goes...I can guarantee each one of you will have a different POV (point of view), which makes it even better...before you know it, you'll be writing a story! I'll start you off with mine.

John cast his fishing pole for the fifth time and blew out a breath.  Would he ever get the hang of this?  He was glad no one else was here to see his failings.

YOUR turn......  :)


  1. ... or so he thought. A short way down from his lakeside station, a small but spunky bear watched warily, pulling in his own catch with unbothered ease and natural skill! ...

  2. Elaine!! I absolutely LOVE it! Okay, you have talent!

  3. He was above treeline. Nothing to hide behind here, but then again, Cripps Lake wasn't exactly Central Park. Not at 11,000 feet. He looked out over the water, searching, scanning. So far, nothing. Soon, she'd float. Dead bodies always did...eventually.

  4. Ha! Tam - so detailed, but of course that doesn't surprise me coming from you. I'm waiting for your next workshop!

  5. Unlike yesterday. Now that was a disaster.
    John hadn't expected Cynthia to be there, and it was precisely her presence that causes him to lose his cool.
    How stupid had he looked? Well if the way she hurried out of the room after was any measure, he had blown any possible chance with her.