Friday, April 27, 2012

Where's the Trust?

I've joined a ton of writing groups through LinkedIn and nearly got rooked by someone already!  He is the administrator of a large group and managed to get me to CALL him...where he proceeded to tell me that for $134, he could help edit my manuscript. I stupidly sent him the first 100 pages, then googled his name to find all kinds of complaints about him being a con artist!  Thankfully, I was able to recall the email and promptly LEFT his group...this is why I stopped writing 20 years ago, because I got snookered & gave are you supposed to know when someone is legit and when they're NOT??  Ughhh!

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  1. That is some experience! Though this is not directly linked- I have a feeling you might find this an interesting read... Google Vikram Seth's 'A frog and a nightingale'.

    Does the flighty bird TRUST him, or is it something else... yes, the sly word 'trust'
    (I believe) can become so much in slightly varying conditions! It can help you manipulate, or be manipulated!

    I have always personally believed that this word is one of the most volatile in the dictionary!