Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Way I Write...My "Method" or Lack Thereof...

My very best friend, who helped read my novel as I was writing it (yes Kelly, that's you), wonders how I write the way I do.  I can't really explain why or how, because it seems unusual, though I wonder if any other writers do the same.  I don't usually have a structure or outline when I sit down to write...I have an idea, and then the characters just talk to me (or through me) as I go along. 

Each time I sit down to continue the story, I simply read back the last few pages written, and take it from there.  I have no clear direction in mind - again, the characters in my head just drive me as I type.  All I can say is that it WORKS...I have a complete novel now, which I have to re-read and edit before considering publication.  I thought it was hard writing the novel (although it wasn't, really)...but it may be even harder to find an agent or publisher, since the market is so flooded.  However, I've always been a's in my DNA...and I will prevail.

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