Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Sign....

So, I was up in PA, at my parents' lakehouse for the annual Thanksgiving visit.  It's mid-afternoon, right before dinner, and I took a stroll down to the lake.  I was standing with my eyes closed, looking for some "writing" inspiration to come to me.  I felt the sun on my face, the breeze in my hair...heard the geese in the distance.  The lake was a tad less still than it usually is, so I could hear the water lapping against the rocks beneath me.  It was peaceful...quiet...surrounded by my favorite things...silence, the sound of babbling water...alone with my thoughts & nature.

I opened my eyes and sat down on the deck, with my legs dangling from the dock.  I looked over the water, started thinking of my dearly departed Aunt aunt I was close to and loved very much.  We had many good times together, and I always looked up to her, because I'm so much like her.  I started to talk to her...thanking her for re-awakening my talent for writing...because of her (and other friends pushing me along), I seem to have opened that gate, which had been long closed and locked.  Now that it's open, it wants to stay open & floods me with inspiration, almost everywhere I look.

The water continued to gurgle against the rocks, louder at some times than others, and I could see a small frothing beginning to form from it.  As I spoke to her softly, I closed my eyes again for a bit,  the water started to lap more quietly.  When I opened them, amidst a lake that was devoid of debris, I spied one small, red leaf, floating toward me...not close, but in my direction.  I'm not one who believes in "higher powers" these days, but I do believe in signs sometimes.  When I asked..."is this you, Joyce?"  the babbling water grew a tad louder, only a smidgen, but enough to "speak" to me.  Then it grew quiet...the water got flat...and the leaf gently started to move away.I stood up, with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye, and walked back up to the house.  I was apparently just in time for dinner.

We don't usually say grace, but I was ready...I told everyone I had something to say was along the lines.  I told them the story, and not a dry eye was at the table; however, we all knew it meant that Joyce was still with us on this first Thanksgiving without her.  Her daughter (my cousin) was there, and I knew she'd appreciate hearing that.  My mother did as well, since it was her sister, and they had grown closer over the last few years.That, my friends, is a true Thanksgiving blessing...I don't believe I've ever had one or experienced one that I can recall.  So "Joycee"...wherever you are, I know you are on my shoulder sometimes, and I'm very grateful for that honor :)


  1. This was a great memory for you

  2. I am so excited for you. You are living your dream. So many people will fall in love with you, just like I did. Your the best!!

    Love you forever,

  3. Lorrie...I credit you with making all of this possible! You pushed me to get my butt in gear and start writing again! I love you, my friend :)