Sunday, May 12, 2013

How is YOUR writing?

Show of many of you out there have noticed a decline in the quality of your handwriting?  I swear, since I started typing a lot more on my computer, I've watched my formerly neat handwriting morph into something you'd see on a doctor's prescription pad.

Have we become THAT technologically advanced that actual writing is falling by the wayside?  Rarely do we send notes or letters in the mail anymore.  Even greeting cards can now be sent electronically! 

I wonder if there are any writers out there that actually WRITE?  And I mean
that literally.   I find I can't do it for two reasons - one, my thoughts &
hands are quicker in concert, and two -- when I do try it, I practically revert into my old standby of shorthand I learned many years ago just to keep up with my brain.  (yes I still remember it and even THINK in shorthand - weird I know, but hey, that's  how I've kept up with it.  It's like learning a new language-if you don't USE it, you lose it).

Also, if I write down my thoughts, my hand seriously cramps up after a while.  At that point, I throw down the gauntlet (I mean pen), and turn to my trusty laptop.  So..anyone ELSE out there ever actually hand write anything other than a grocery list?  Let me know..


  1. I pretty much only write what I HAVE to. I've preferred typing since I took typing in high school, so that's my preferred choice. Now with computers, it makes it that much easier. :)

  2. Hi Gina! Thanks for posting...I've noticed a serious down shift in my handwriting. It used to be so nice and neat - these days, I can barely read it anymore! lol Is it age? Is it the dawn of technology? Hmmm

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