Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Ego...

Egocentric & Grandiose...Psychopaths have a narcissistic & grossly inflated sense of themselves.

Their sense of entitlement is boundless, and they see themselves as better than the rest of us.  As a result, they feel justified in living according to their own twisted rules.  Naturally, they'll come off as arrogant and opinionated.  They enjoy having control over others and will disregard your opinion if it doesn't square with theirs.  Most times, it probably won't, since they live in their own special world.

Drew Peterson, for instance, seems to fit in this category.  He married four times, probably killed his third wife, and no doubt the fourth, who's been missing for years.  He has the ego, the sense of control over his wives, and the arrogant self-importance.

Adolf Hitler is another example.  His ego was off the charts, and we all know he thought he was better than most.  He was SO awful that he felt the need, not to mention, entitlement, to exterminate fellow human beings.  He also managed to sway others to that opinion with the infamous charm these people can possess.

Lack of remorse or guilt will be next.which stands to reason.  Everyone realizes that psychopaths/sociopaths don't have ANY remorse over their deeds...stay tuned.

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  1. My daughter's ex-husband is a narcissus and a total pain in our ass! I feel so bad for my grand children having to deal with him on a constant basis!