Sunday, May 21, 2017

OUT of the Comfort Zone...

A few words about stepping out of your comfort zone...there's truth to the fact that when you dip a toe into the water of 'uncomfortableness,' you feel like a warrior when you reach the other side!  The fear that may be holding you back is simply a lack of confidence.  I've been teaching myself Spanish for several years.  I can understand it when it's spoken, read it, etc., but when it comes to actually speaking it and forming my sentences, I've been seriously lacking.  This stemmed from absolute terror of making a mistake.  I knew what I had to do - which was actually converse with someone - but I put it off for these last two years.

Yesterday was the day!  I threw myself into the deep end!  I FINALLY got the courage to meet a new friend online and talk to her.   What happened?  I was SO pumped up and excited afterwards!  Yes, I made mistakes.  Yes, it took me a while to communicate my thoughts.  But it was the next step I had to take in order to accomplish my ultimate goal, which is to speak with fluency and ease.  And next week, I'll be doing the same thing.  I'm sure that with each week, I will improve more and more.

FACE YOUR FEAR!  Look it right in the face and walk through it!  You will feel such a sense of accomplishment!  It will be one less obstacle in the way, as you continue to walk toward success!

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